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3 Decades of Manufacturing the Perfect Gloves

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We have over 30 years of experience working as a medical supply company in the premium glove manufacturing business. Over 30 years we have delivered our gloves around the world and grew along our customers. We offer the best customer service and the best gloves in the industry. 

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At Avianz we soar in beating expectations. Our product was tested by glove consultants and given over 90% rating by Dental Advisor: Read about it yourself! With 3 decades of research and development we have crafted the most comfortable gloves possible. Our customers have continuously praised our gloves and our customer serive.

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Ordering from us is simple and we encourage you to put in your first order today. Please give us a call at (510) 489-6800 and put in your order today. You can also contact us via our "contact us" form, please click here to begin.

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Does your medical office or company need gloves right away? Not a problem. Many companies know that they can trust us with not only quality, but delivery as well!

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We understand that your return on investment is of high importance which is why our brand actually saves you money. Rather than going from brand to brand and getting shipments of uncomfortable gloves, easily breakable gloves and incorrect orders. At Avianz, we understand that picking the right company to work with can be a headache. 

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